Types of Lehenga Choli

       The wedding is something every girl must have fantasized at some point in time. But more than that, what she would have fantasized more is how she wants to look on the D-day. The market for wedding apparel is huge today. Starting from designer sarees to wedding gowns to bridal lehenga cholis; you will get everything you want. But Lehenga cholis are one of the most favorite drapes of many brides. It makes you look like a dream on your wedding day. It keeps many eyeballs rolling.

     A lehenga is basically three piece attire which looks like a long skirt called ghagra embellished with heavy work of beautiful stones, beads, embroidery, sequins and handworks. It is teamed up with a beautiful choli and dupatta which enhances its look. If she is a bride to be, then major part of her look is carried by the type of lehenga she opts for on the day of her wedding

But before getting to know which type of lehenga you want to wear on your wedding day, it is important to have a look at the various types of lehenga choli available in the market.

  • A- Line Lehenga Choli:


This type of lehenga has a perfect a look that perfectly resembles an A. The lehenga is tighter in the waist and flares out towards the bottom. It has lesser number of pleats and is perfectly elegant and easier to carry. Cholis of varying length can go with it. It can also be paired with lovely cholis or blouses with puffy sleeves which can beautifully accentuate the upper part of the body.

  • Circular Lehenga Choli:


It is also known as flared lehenga choli. These types of lehengas have beautiful broad flares and great volume. It starts with numerous pleats near the waist and gives an impression of flaring around the air. These types of lehengas are made of smooth flowing fabrics. A short length choli with subtle and elegant design work looks beautiful on the same. A waist yoke with fancy work gives it a magical look.

  • Straight cut Lehenga Choli:


This type of lehenga flows along the body curves and doesn’t flare like other lehengas in general. It resembles a wrap around skirt which falls straight from waist to hemline. It comes with both less number of pleats and a large number of pleats. But to get the natural look of this kind of lehenga tries to keep the volume of the borders less. It goes well with almost all body types.

  • Panel length Lehenga Choli:


It is also known as Kali lehenga. It has horizontal panels stitched along the flares of lehenga. Often because of too many panels the volume of the lehenga increases. If the contrasting colors of the fabrics are used then it gives a colorful and vibrant look to the lehenga. This kind of lehenga gives the bride a slimmer look.

  • Mermaid Style Lehenga Choli:


Also known as the fish cut lehenga; this type of lehenga is tighter at the knees and gracefully flares at the bottom. This gives the bride to be a glamorous yet traditional look. You can flaunt your curves in these types of lehengas.

  • Asymmetric Lehenga Choli:


This is the latest buzz in the market these days. The asymmetric lehenga does not have specific hemlines or panels. These types of lehengas have clinging drapes or pre-stitched pleats attached which precisely unbalances the lower hemline making the skirt unbalanced. Try to avoid more borders and keep less work to make the lehenga beautiful on you.

  • Sharara Lehenga Choli:


These types of lehengas are stitched from the middle of the hem like huge palazzos but look like a lehenga as a whole. These are preferably worn with long kurtis and usually worn in the Muslim weddings.

  • Lehenga with a Jacket:


These types of lehengas are simple and flared with long jackets Zardozi embroidery and delicate weaving work on the same. This style is getting into hits these days. These types of lehengas generally have heavy work on them and with the type of jacket, you opt to wear, give u an impeccable style and elegant look.

  • Half Sari Lehenga:


This type of lehenga gives a virtual saree look. It is inspired by the South Indian half saree. This look is determined by the way the dupatta is draped with the lehenga. It almost looks like a low flared A-line Lehenga.

Summary: Lehenga cholis are very rich attires with beautiful heavy works. It gives you a traditional yet elegant and super stylish look. So choose your type of lehenga choli that will make a style statement for you. Accessorize your wedding lehenga choli with beautiful big earpieces like jhumkas, balis etc; dazzling neckpieces and kamar bandhs. Don’t forget to wear your attitude to make a huge difference and rock the bridal look.

Amazing Online Collection of Wedding Sarees

Weddings are said to be made in heaven. Well, the saree that the bride drapes her in should essentially be chosen by her right on earth! Wedding Sarees with bright colors and mesmerizing designs are preferred mostly by all women. There occurs an unimaginably wide range of sarees that one can choose from, provided, the buyer enters the online saree store and hits the category that is particularly for soon-to-be brides. So, you will be spoilt for choices, so that you can pick the best one that will up your fashion game.


People looking for suggestions regarding choosing the right one based on their body type have most certainly landed at the right place! Furthermore, look for the right suggestion and inculcate the same during your online saree purchase for the best trend setting experience.

Tall women: Although tall women appear the most graceful in sarees, they face consequences such as short length of sarees. One has to in fact choose sarees that are made longer by tradition and Kanjeevaram sarees are known to be the best of the lot in such cases. They are very easy to be draped. The secret mantra behind choosing the saree that covers your height is to by kanjeevaram sarees that are not plain, but filled with large prints or embroidery work throughout. Heavy borders are a must to highlight the saree as well the bride. Pure silk as well as raw silk sarees are also woven the same way and have a plus point over the latter when it comes to the pallu.

Short women:Short women however look gorgeous in all kinds of sarees as they do not face the length issue. But, is it not always a confusing task to choose between lots of varieties? Kanjeevaram sarees with a single shade throughout and narrower borders are suggested in order to make sure that the bride appears a little taller than usual. If the bride is open to going for a slightly different style, chiffon and georgette sarees of heavy embroidery and work. The blouse that you get designed plays a great role in upholding the charm of the saree.


Plump women:Indian sarees are available in several ranges based not only on colors and styles but also on the body structure of the woman who drapes it. Carrying a saree well has got nothing to do with one’s slimness or thickness. It is all about the grace and sense of aestheticism that adds to the beauty of the saree and the carrier. Sarees that are not heavy and stiff are suggested for plump women as they often seem to make them look wider in all aspects. On the other hand, sarees that stick closer to the skin are recommended to make one appear slimmer.

Skinny women:Skinny women no doubt look gorgeous in sarees. All that they need to do is wear heavier sarees such as kanjeevaram, tussar or even silk that enhances their figure and mark them brighter. Larger prints and heavy embellishment can add to the stunning appearance of the saree. Choosing between The appealing colors available online also is crucial in getting the required look.


Summary: No matter what shape you are or what is your size one outfit that you can carry elegantly and look million bucks is the ultimate saree. History is definitely a witness that the age old saree has never lost the charm and will never lose in future too.

Amazing Collection Of Lehengas For Women To Look Smart & Stylish

The wedding season is in full swing and it is the best time to flaunt your fashion sense to the world. If your calendar marks an upcoming wedding of your bestie or sister, then it is the perfect time to gear up for some sassy Lehenga Choli that is a blend of traditional and modern look. The fashion world is filled with stunning lehenga collection that is a blend of traditional and western look. Being the big function we want you to look best in whatever you pick and a stylish Lehenga is all that you need. So check out our fabulous lehenga collection and be ready to doll up like a celebrity for the wedding season.

1. Heavy embroidery lehenga:

Any embroidery lehenga would look gorgeous, but when you focus on a lehenga with heavy gold, embroidery and mirror work then you are bound to bring a dreamy look. And the best way to get your hands on a heavy embroidery lehenga is to
buy lehenga online. You would be surprised with the quality and rich look, which would make you the center of everyone’s eye.

2. Hand zardosi lehenga for the tasteful lady:

If it is your sister’s wedding, then we highly recommend you pick a classy hand zardosi lehenga which reflects demure, class and looks elegant. Pick pastel shades with zardosi work and girl you would look breathtaking for the function. Wear matching peep toe heels, smoky eye makeup and ethnic jewelry to complete the look.

3. Fish cut lehenga choli:

We highly recommend the fish cut lehenga for girls who are looking for a lehenga that would elevate their curves. A fish cut lehenga would make your legs look long and accentuate the curves of your hips giving a mermaid touch. Pick bright-hued
lehenga online and be set to bring the fire at the wedding party.

4. Lehenga with trail:

Lehengas with trails aren’t just for the brides, now you can go a step forward and wear it for your bestie’s wedding and look like a fairytale princess. The trail lehenga adds royal touch and would look dazzling on every woman. You can choose a short length blouse, cape style blouse to match up with your trail lehenga. Make sure to let your hair loose, go for bronze eye makeup and wear high heels to look like a goddess for the function.

5. Jacket style lehenga for the winter weddings:

Another popular lehenga collection of the season is the jacket style lehenga. It is the right pick for the winter wedding and it easily brings a Mughal touch to your personality. The coolest thing about jacket style lehenga is that you can opt for long as well as short length jacket and still look gorgeous in both. Also, pick heavy embroidery jacket to add a rich look for the big function.

6. Cape style lehenga for the contemporary girl:

Want to stand out in the crowd, then we would suggest you pick the cape style lehenga.
Lehengas with cape style adds a feminine look and you can forget the worries of handling your dupatta. Cape style lehengas are perfect for sangeet, reception functions and we suggest you pick net cape with soft embroidery work to look nothing less than a dazzling queen.

7. Off shoulder lehenga:

Every fashion faithful girl is practically in love with the off shoulder trend and it would be an attention grabber when you pick off shoulder lehenga for any of the wedding functions. You can
buy lehenga online and get vivid shades and patterns at an affordable price.

8. Girly peplum lehenga:

Bring a Western twist to your traditional lehenga by choosing the peplum choli with flared lehenga. The peplum choli adds a fun vibe and easily hides all the flaws. It would look chic on every girl and when you pair it with flared or ballroom lehenga then you would bring a dramatic touch. Shop for this
lehenga online and get the best look at the best price.

These were our top amazing lehenga collection and we hope you could pick the perfect lehenga for your sister’s or bestie’s wedding and look million dollar diva.

Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees – Festive Sarees Online

Kanchipuram sarees are choice of Royals they spell total gradeur and royalty. World’s high class and superior quality silk is used for making Kanchipuram sarees. Most of the silk sarees are hand woven and they will take at least one week time for completion. Initially, Silk yarn is taken and then that is dyed in the required color and then they are weaved to make the best quality zari. The first step would be to wash the yarn and then dipped to get the required. The colors are mixed in such a way that the colors become durable and unique. They are again washed and finally dried. Now the process of starching starts and that is when the colors become permanent on the silk yarn. The best quality silk which is never broken or cut is used for making the Kanchipuram Sarees and that is the reason they are famous across the world.


Pure Silver and Gold is used

Pure Silver and Gold are used in the making of Kanchi Pattu Sarees. Usually these sarees are expensive because of this reason only. Creation of this zari an art and that is known only to a few families in Kanchipuram. It is a very challenging task and required a lot of knowledge. Initially the zari thread is twisted and then they add silver thread to it. Finally the Gold is also added and then the zari is formed. Actually, in the earlier days it was 500 grams of Silver and 5 and half grams of Gold used in one kilogram of Zari. But now the quantity has been reduced and made to 420 grams of Silver and 3 grams of Gold for one kilogram of Silk zari.


Width and weight of the Sarees

When you have a look at any kind of saree you will see that the width is 45 inches only and that is the standard width. But when it comes to the Pattu Sarees from Kanchipuram, the width is 48 inches. The reason for this is that each thread is again made of three different treads twisted together. You will see that the weight of the saree would be from 500 grams to one kilogram also sometimes. It all depends on the amount of zari in the saree.

Price of Silk sarees


Usually the price of anything depends on what is being used in making of the product. In this case of Silk sarees, it is Gold and Silver that is being used and their price is already touching the sky. So, the price of the silk saree is also usually high, but you cannot expect any Indian festival and wedding to be complete without a silk saree. These Silk saree are having high demand in the foreign countries as well.

Whether you are buying a Silk saree in Kanchipuram or any other place, you will have to make sure that you are checking the saree well. One of the important tests to check its pureness is you can take out one thread of the saree and burn it. If it starts melting, then forget about the saree, but if the thread turns into ash, then that is the pure silk saree you can buy.

Buy Kurta Under 500 At Mirraw.com

We can never have enough kurta in our wardrobe. They are a versatile piece of clothing which you can wear with salwar, Patiala pants, straight pants, jeans and even skirts. Be it college going girl or working women, kurti is the first choice for every girl. And if you are a fashion forward woman then you would definitely want to stand out in the crowd and you can easily do that with Mirraw Kurtis. They come in unique designs, super comfortable and surely will make you look like a diva wherever you go. Check out our top kurti collections:

1. Printed kurti:

Ditch the stereotype printed kurti and bring a complete new look to your personality by choosing the artistic floral print lehenga that will make you look oh-so-pretty and you can easily choose it for any occasion and look the best.

2. Tail cut kurti:

Give a dramatic look by opting for the tail cut kurti that is simple from the front, but has a fancy touch on the back giving a modish look and perfect for the modern girl. You can wear the
Mirraw kurtis with straight fit pants, skinny jeans, leggings and look chic wherever you go.

3. Full sleeve kurti:

Reserve this special kurti for your winter days and you can ditch your sweater and flaunt your fashion quotient effortlessly. Full sleeve
kurti are perfect for working women as they bring a professional touch and would maintain the decorum of your work place. Pair this with leggings and peep toe heels and you are good to go.

4. Short length kurti:

For all those casual occasions, you can always pick this fashionable short length kurti that easily brings a casual vibe. The best way to style them is to wear them with your jeans. And if you want to bring a bohemian touch, then pair them with long skirts, juttis and we bet you will bring a charismatic touch.

5. Hi-low kurti:

Looking for
designer kurti online? Then check out the super stylish hi-low style kurti that has a western touch and is highly reasonable. You can wear this when you are out for a brunch with your girls or when out for casual dinner dates. Team this with skinny fit pants, ankle length pants and show your svelte body to the world. Complete the look with chandelier earrings and you will be complimented for your fashion sense.

6. Pakistani kurti:

If you are tall, then you should definitely try the long Pakistani
kurti that would elevate your look effortlessly. The long kurti look great with palazzo pants, skirts and you can easily get them when you shop online and the best thing is that these kurtis are super affordable.

7. Solid shade kurti:

For all those days when you want to wear subtle outfits, you can definitely store your wardrobe with solid shade kurtis. They look elegant and are best for interviews and working women or even for poojas and casual functions.

8. Silk kurti:

Do you fancy wearing silky smooth kurti? Then you ought to buy silk kurti that gives a posh look. And worry not these gorgeous looking kurti won’t break your wallet at all. You can get different length silk kurti with vivid prints and patterns that you can pair with Patiala pants and bring traditional touch. Wear matching jewelry and you will stand out in the crowd.

9. Party wear kurti:

Have a traditional function to attend then you can definitely count upon the party wear kurti that come at a reasonable price and will amp up your look easily. If you wish, you can pick a plain party wear kurti and layer it with long jackets and palazzo pants to bring Indo western touch to your look. Shop for these
designer kurti online and add an elegance to your wardrobe.

10. Chikankari kurti:

Bring a refreshing touch to your look by opting the chikankari kurti which looks mesmerizing. These kurti is the perfect pick for any occasion and the soothing shades will easily appeal your tastes and make you the center of attraction. Wear these kurti with jeans, leggings, straight fit pants, palazzo pants and you would look chic.

These were the top trending kurta which is under Rs.500 and will easily elevate your personality in the best possible way. As these kurtis come at such reasonable price we bet you would want to own all of them. So go start shopping at Mirraw and get the best kurti and show your fashion quotient to the world.