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Top Bridal Blouse Designs For Wedding Season

Every bride dreams of having a wedding attire that looks totally classy and makes sure that she stands out of the crowd. Blouses of sarees especially can be customised with thread work, gem work and embroidery the way they are wanted to be. Several latest dazzling designs of bridal blouses are created by boutiques both online and offline. The blouse has to be on par or even better than saree’s or lehenga’s design. The trendiest fashion is updated on websites as well as in magazines and can be referred before purchasing the most enthralling blouse design.

Following are several kinds of blouse designs that one can go for based on their body structure as well as likes and dislikes. One may not even be able to imagine that there are these many different categories into which blouse designs can be separated.

Sheer blouse 


Not all ladies are comfortable leaving some skin exposed. But it sure gives the sexiest looks. These blouses come with a semi-transparent cloth material which almost feels like there exists no blouse, yet covers the majority of the skin in the area. Although covering, it also inserts a sense of semi-transparency thus breaking the rule of the bride! At the end of the day, what matters is the compelling external appearance that it gives the bride. This light-weighing material is sure to be the most favorite part of a bride’s wedding.

Blouse with a collar


‘Grace’ is indeed the perfect description for collared blouses. This is a style that has been picked up all the way from the olden times when high collar blouses used to be the trend. Thanks to creative minds in the field of fashion, there are now three varieties of collared blouses that one can choose from.

  • Chinese collar and short sleeves
  • Peter pan collar and sleeveless blouse
  • Sherwani type of collar ( band-gala)

All the three kinds are unique in their own ways. The bride gets promised about looking like a show-stopper in the event of her own life!

Off-shoulder designer blouse


Well, off-shoulder might seem a little too modern for a traditional Indian wedding with a lot of people from the older generation. On the contrary, this style appears more stylish along with giving a very traditional outward look. This style particularly upholds sensuality and a sense of fashion and current trend. It can mesmerize the groom at one shot and leave the entire crowd inquiring about the bride’s boutique. Revealing shoulder lines and neck lines can turn out to be very attractive and also seductive.

Blouse will long or full sleeves


The aesthetic sense that lies in a few brides will make sure that they are inclined towards going for a full sleeved blouse. The classy touch that it gives is unmatched. Skinny women look stunning in an attire of this style. Any material of clothing can be employed to stitch blouses that are full sleeved.

Summary: There can be only one blouse for a saree. It is hence important to get it designed the best. Online blouse collection, as well as offline stores, sell the best blouses at affordable rates.




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