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The Indian lady is brightened with Bridal Set

Wedding is a onetime affair and we women leave no stone unturned to make it a complete fairy tale wedding. Agree dress plays an important but so does the jewelry plays, go wrong and it will ruin your fairy tale movement. So, ensure you pick the right jewelry that is in sync with your wedding trousseau. Below are few tips that will help you choose perfect bridal set so that you look stunningly gorgeous in your wedding.


  • Ensure you shop for the wedding jewelry at least 4-5 months before wedding. Ensure everything is ready at least 3-4 weeks before wedding, so that if there is any need you can make changes.
  • Always buy your wedding trousseau first, write a complete list of all functions and then buy outfits accordingly, always keep1 extra outfit just in case there is an issue with any outfit. According to the color or lehenga and neck of the blouse buy jewelry, in case you go for high necks then choose jewelry accordingly.
  • When it comes to jewelry set a good amount of budget, as you might slightly exceed it. It is important that you have knowledge on jewelry your in laws will gift you for wedding so that you don’t buy same style of jewelry.


  • When it comes to wedding brides are expected to listen to mother in laws wishes. Ok we understand that you may not like their taste but chill, no need of any drama, you can rather go for modern style of classic jewelry you know what me mean contemporary jewelry. Where style meets class this way you will be happy and mother in law also would love it.
  • While buying jewelry consider what will suit you and your personality. What suits your friend might not suit you. Choose jewelry that suits your face and body and not something that is trending. Like a big mathapati might not suit you while borla might look great. So, try before considering options.
  • While buying earrings ensure you keep in mind what hair style you will go for, like if you are leaving hair open you can go for long earrings. If you are going for a bun then choose medium length.


  • If you are budget constraint then check out jewelry that your mother has you can get them re-polished, and wear them after all old is gold.
  • Engagement ring is the most important part of the entire event it will be on your fingers for the rest of the life and every one notices engagement ring. So ensure you have a good budget for that, you can go for diamonds. By diamonds we don’t mean you spend a fortune you can buy simple diamond rings which come with affordable price tags.
  • Keep your jewelry ready for dress rehearsal, wear all your jewelry head to toe and see how the entire look is, in case you need any alternations.


Summary: the above tips will help you in buying the jewelry and look WOW in your wedding.


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