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Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees – Festive Sarees Online

Kanchipuram sarees are choice of Royals they spell total gradeur and royalty. World’s high class and superior quality silk is used for making Kanchipuram sarees. Most of the silk sarees are hand woven and they will take at least one week time for completion. Initially, Silk yarn is taken and then that is dyed in the required color and then they are weaved to make the best quality zari. The first step would be to wash the yarn and then dipped to get the required. The colors are mixed in such a way that the colors become durable and unique. They are again washed and finally dried. Now the process of starching starts and that is when the colors become permanent on the silk yarn. The best quality silk which is never broken or cut is used for making the Kanchipuram Sarees and that is the reason they are famous across the world.


Pure Silver and Gold is used

Pure Silver and Gold are used in the making of Kanchi Pattu Sarees. Usually these sarees are expensive because of this reason only. Creation of this zari an art and that is known only to a few families in Kanchipuram. It is a very challenging task and required a lot of knowledge. Initially the zari thread is twisted and then they add silver thread to it. Finally the Gold is also added and then the zari is formed. Actually, in the earlier days it was 500 grams of Silver and 5 and half grams of Gold used in one kilogram of Zari. But now the quantity has been reduced and made to 420 grams of Silver and 3 grams of Gold for one kilogram of Silk zari.


Width and weight of the Sarees

When you have a look at any kind of saree you will see that the width is 45 inches only and that is the standard width. But when it comes to the Pattu Sarees from Kanchipuram, the width is 48 inches. The reason for this is that each thread is again made of three different treads twisted together. You will see that the weight of the saree would be from 500 grams to one kilogram also sometimes. It all depends on the amount of zari in the saree.

Price of Silk sarees


Usually the price of anything depends on what is being used in making of the product. In this case of Silk sarees, it is Gold and Silver that is being used and their price is already touching the sky. So, the price of the silk saree is also usually high, but you cannot expect any Indian festival and wedding to be complete without a silk saree. These Silk saree are having high demand in the foreign countries as well.

Whether you are buying a Silk saree in Kanchipuram or any other place, you will have to make sure that you are checking the saree well. One of the important tests to check its pureness is you can take out one thread of the saree and burn it. If it starts melting, then forget about the saree, but if the thread turns into ash, then that is the pure silk saree you can buy.


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