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The descent of kurta pajama


Kurta pajamas are the garments preferred by the men in India for many decades they were casual wear so easy to use and comfortable.  Usually a tuxedo and a nice suit were always considered a suitable option for men and wearable for grand occasions like weddings and anniversaries but nowadays kurta pajamas are opted by men during grand functions because they are available in many designs. The trend for wearing kurta are becoming popular among men.There are kurtas for women too but to differentiate they are called as kurtis. Kurtis are also very famous among the women populace. Let’s discuss about the male and female attire which is now at the peak of Indian fashion-

Men have many clothing options too!

There is a wide belief that women have many clothing options and wide range of styles to choose from but today men are not left out in this fashion forward world. They too have many clothing options to experiment on. And kurtas are becoming famous from there new innovative designs which is traditional and modern too.

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The kurtas are modernised to suit the tastes of young generation.They come in silk,linen and cotton and you can choose from wide variety of styles. It certainly makes a fashion statement in any occasion you attend. Kurta pajama available in many bright colours from bright red which brings out the aura of strength of the wearer and blue which gives a certain sort of elegance to the wearer. Apart from this many colours are also available in the online shopping forums as per your tastes. There is a popular type of kurta where you could wear a blazer over it to give it a modern twist. There is also kurta were the edges are designed like a draped saree. Then there is line of kurtas which are designed for weddings. They are specially made for the bride grooms who want to look like a mughal emperor for their wedding . They are expensive but worth every penny. So these are some of the designs which are in vogue now for men.

Kurta or for your better understanding kurtis for women

Pink dupion silk stitched kurti(1)

A kurti is an everyday word for a women because it’s a very popular wear for the women kind. They wear it for the park, they were it for college, they wear it for office, they wear it for their children’s open day,sports day,Annual day. So basically everywhere ! Kurti is the most comfortable of all dresses. Because they are easy to wash and always ready to be put on in case of urgency. There are knee length kurtis which totally hides any pants we wear underneath and short length kurtis which are apt for a walk in the park or market.

Kurtas and kurtis

Other than ending letter ‘a’ in men’s wear and ‘i’ in women’s wear there are lot other differences in the kurtas and kurtis. Men’s kurtas lack the patterns which women’s kurtis have. There are many designs available for women. Men’s attire have two extremes either they are formal or informal. But for women there are many little things inbetween the middle of formal wear and the informal wear. We are not going to go deep into it because the list is long. Let’s just understand that kurtas and kurtis are different. You can see it for yourself when you browse the online shops for kurtas and kurtis and would notice the difference yourself.

Experiment on different styles

There are many different styles invented each day for your benefit. So don’t shy away from trying on new designs and fashions which you are comfortable on. Kurtas and kurtis will never go out of business. They are necessary attires to be added to your wardrobe.


Women's Clothing

Stunning style steals in velvet lehengas that are worth a try!

A good material plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look. In lehengas there is lot of variations seen but hardly anyone could beat the beauty of velvet lehenga. If you are bride to be or soon going to be, then here are some of the worthy picks in bridal lehengas, some of them are as follows:-


Straight fit velvet lehengas:  As this material possesses the ability to shine and look classy at the same time, many women do choose straight fit lehengas with contemporary style of choli to elegantly flaunt off their persona.


Velvet jacket and lehengas: Styling is an art and designers are putting their best in this ethnic outfit. A flared style lehenga, short choli and long velvet jacket will surely grace up your chic score and bring on the best in you.

floor length

Floor touch velvet lehengas: The fashion of these lehengas is present from the lehenga, the velvet work done on these lehenga does exhibit finesse of craftsmanship. These lehengas are suited option and can be looked upon for gifting purpose also.

Monochrome embroidered lehengas

Monochrome embroidered lehengas: The contrast thread embroidery works wonders and makes an impeccable fashion statement. These lehengas could be perfectly worn and adorned even for evening wedding parties.

Neutral shaded velvet lehengas

Neutral shaded velvet lehengas:  If you are high on destination wedding goals, then muted shaded lehengas with minimalistic embroidery is totally in trend.

Trying out capes over velvet lehengas

Trying out capes over velvet lehengas : Women in this world are totally fearless and nothing could stop them when it comes to incredible fashion. If you wish to reflect your female persona with good refined taste then trying out this excellent combination will work wonders.

Kurta with slit and velvet lehengas

Kurta with slit and velvet lehengas: This option could work wonders if you are thinking for best wedding outfit or attending BFFs weddings. Best of the colors trends are impeccably available on online store.

Backless choli and contemporary designed velvet lehengas

Backless choli and contemporary designed velvet lehengas: The work done up of the patches or the fringes is adding up different charm and appeal altogether. When you wish to latest and contemporary patterns then checking out online store is one of the smartest options.


Fish cut or mermaid style lehengas: Gone are those days where people just relied upon the straight fit lehengas, the fish cut lehengas are the best to depict well feminine figure.

3 piece

3 piece velvet lehengas:  The long trail jackets are in vogue and they look gregarious too. These options are worth a try even if you are not comfortable with the sleeveless thing.


Solid colored velvet lehengas: The contrast thread embroideries and work done up overall is surely perfect to raise up your fashion chic meter. In just simple clicks you could go for the best from online stores. You are always assured with the durable quality of material that does last for longer period of time.


Asymmetric Velvet lehengas:  In this style of lehengas the eye-popping colors truly depict the taste of versatile female persona. These lehengas can be perfectly chosen for wedding or evening parties.


Bollywood designer velvet lehengas: There are lot of trend setting styles that our favorite celebrities wear in their daily lives and there is nothing wrong in following their styles and refined taste, if you wish to have the latest and best of bollywood collection then designer lehengas will work wonders.

off shoulder

Stunning designer blouse and velvet lehengas: The latest fashion does speaks a lot of off shoulder styles and cold shoulder trends, the designer blouse with favorite lehengas do stunningly work wonders. Opulent style of piece do stroke in the eye catch appeal trend.







Women's Clothing

Say it all in style with trending silk lehengas!

With more and more fashion bloggers, stylists and designers coming up with new ways to bring back ethnic fashion, we just cannot stress enough on how beautiful it feels to immerse yourself in this back-to-traditional era. Indian fashion has come a long way and has undergone so many transformations that by now, no matter what your taste or preference is, it has something for you always. One such ethnic outfit that has taken over the hearts of all women is the lehenga choli style. Lehenga choli have become instantly popular in weddings, not only for the bride but also for the ones attending the wedding. Right from extremely high-end lehengas made of intricate fabric and embroidery to affordable yet mesmerizing lehengas, you imagine it and you can have it.  Lehengas are categorised into various styles to make it easier for you find a perfect one for you. The material using which the lehenga is made also greatly determines how the lehenga finally turns out to be. The fabric influences how comfortable and how the flow of the lehenga would be. We have listed below the basic types of lehengas based on the type of material which can surely help you to narrow your decision making process better.

  1. Embroidered silk lehenga

embroidered silk.jpg

These royal looking lehengas are highly preferred for grand events. The overall enticed work of embroidery, these lehengas look rich and a treat to the eyes. Silk adds a luxurious shine that looks best in deep dark colours. It is generally found in A-line style. If you are sceptical about wearing silk lehenga as it might be too heavy then designers have got just the right fix for you! You could also go for minimalistic embroidered lehengas at unbeatable prices from the online store.


  1. Raw silk lehenga


Apt for the modern times, these lehengas are crisp with perfect shine. However they do not fold up into soft pleats. The lehenga looks super flared out and stiff giving it proper structure. This a great choice for girls with narrow built as it adds fullness to the overall look. Silk always has looked the best no matter how you utilise it. Needless to go back to the magic that is created once a woman puts on her silk saree. Similarly the silk lehenga too has the power to outshine all the other outfits at a function.


  1. Banarasi Silk lehengas


For all those women who like to keep it simple and as minimal as possible, what could be better than wearing a self-embroidery lehenga? This lehenga gives a full flared look. These do not even cost much unlike the other lehengas.


  1. Cotton silk lehengas


If you are looking for a soft and delicate lehenga with fluid fabric, your search stops here. Silk lehengas form an A-line structure and fall gracefully on the body. Silk lehenga made of good and genuine fabric and has rich texture that looks class apart.


  1. Net and silk lehengas

net lehenga

Net has become highly popular in almost all kinds of outfits in the last few years. It has captured the lehenga market as well and has got many women drooling over its style. Soft net is what the best looks whereas a low-budget net lehenga which compromises on the quality of net can end up looking very tacky. You need to keep in mind that net doesn’t always photograph the best. This is because when the flash is put on, it picks up on the seams of the lehenga which as a result shows through the net and the underlying skirt. The combination of net and silk has been adorned and implemented well by creative designers.


If you wish to have the best of outfit collection, the online stores do have appealing and bang on styles for you.


Gemstones Earrings That Are Worth Not Be Missed!

Agate stud earrings:

stud earrings

An exclusive mixture of the quartz family, agate stud earrings are comparatively universal and reasonably priced. It has a standard rigidity of 6.5-7 on the scale. Agate is recognized for the vivid bands which may be compared to tiger band or tree rings. This stunning attribute is what develops agate like an admired gemstone. Some substantiation exhibits that agate has been worn by Human beings for up 15,000 duration. Nowadays Agate is extracted in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, India, Africa and a quantity of other places.

Alexandrite drop earrings:

drop earrings

A multiplicity of the stone chrysoberyl, great class of alexandrite drop earrings are extremely uncommon and very expensive. At 8.5 scales, its stiffness is measured to be moderately superior. High eminence alexandrite considerably transforms colour from green in luminous light and dawn to purplish red in glowing light. Exposed in Russia in 1830 and titled after Czar Alexander II, it was quickly embraced as the national stone of Russia. Its colours communicate to the Russian imposing colours. Other types of alexandrite are tunnelled in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar. Alexandrite is also an option June birthstone in the United States.

Amethyst drop hood earrings:

drop-hood earrings

A range of the quartz ancestors, amethyst drop hood earrings are measured to be a frequent and inexpensive. This coloured stone got a rigidity of 7 on Mohs scale, and differs in colour from beam lilac to profound purple. Amethyst is extremely perceptive to heat and sunlight. It might drop its entire colour after it is exposed to brawny UV rays for comprehensive duration of time. Amethyst was supposed by numerous cultures to hold various mystical valuable properties like advertising piety and restraining alcohol intoxication. Excavated in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia and diminutive amounts are also be establish in the United States. It is said as the February birthstone in the US.

Citrine opal earrings:

opal earrings

An associate of the quartz folks, citrine is characteristically extra reasonable than amethyst. This intense gemstone has a stiffness of 7 on the scale. The forename citrine arrives from the French word for lemon, suitably unfolding this coloured stone’s tepid, inviting shade. It is excavated in Brazil and Bolivia, where it is frequent and abundant. Citrine is often uncovered to heat augmentation in order to perk up or amend its colour. It is an substitute November birthstone in the United States.

Coral stud gemstone earrings:

Coral stud Gemstone earrings

Coral is an unprocessed gemstone. Authentic, unprocessed coral is very uncommon and consequently very precious. It is tremendously subtle, its rigidity gauging at just about 3.5-4 on the scale. Coral is unruffled of calcium carbonate, that is concealed by minute sea polyps in command to produce possess natural defensive surroundings. Business coral is certainly not collected from sheltered cliffs or banks, and threshers has newly befall further vigilant with their harvesting procedure, transmitting qualified divers to cautiously gather coral twigs so as to shun detrimental the sea creatures inside. Generally coral used in jewellery arrives from Sicily or Sardinia. Coral ranks in colour from reds and oranges to whites and also blues.

Pearl drop earrings:

Pearl drop earrings

The largely precious of all unprocessed gemstones, pearls drop earrings are shaped when oyster wits an nuisance inside its soft husked jaws and then covers it with stratums of nacre. Nowadays, approximately all pearls in the market are refined by unnaturally initiating a tiny drop or shell into the orifice of an oyster. The mainstream of pearls is cultivated in Japan, but many are gathered in China and the South Pacific. Pearls array in size, shape and colour: a few are huge, in a circle and white whereas others are tiny, amorphous, and black. Pearls have forever been measured typical gemstones, figurative of attractiveness and decorum. The pearl is the astrology gemstone for Cancer.


Types of gemstone necklaces that do embrace your feminine beauty

Gemstones have played an assortment of roles in the mythology and legends of human tradition all through history. Several enlighten the story or are thought to contain extraordinary powers, except all of them share a general exquisiteness. Every gemstone is exclusive with a particular colour, origin and story. Gemstones appear in each colour of the rainbow and assemble from every nook of the globe, through every coloured gemstone possessing a distinctive formation of stunning colours. A number of gemstones have been precious because before history started and others were merely exposed newly. There is various type of gemstone jewellery you will love to try which look adorable and one of them is gemstone necklaces.

Colour gemstone necklaces are adaptable pieces of jewellery as they can be worn out in different types; they decorate your neck delightfully at generous galas or smooth a easy journey to the grocery shop.

kundan jewellery

Kundan necklace:

This type of Indian gemstone jewellery thrived below the royal support of Mughals and still is an essential piece of every customary wedding trousseau. In this art type, a gem is seated with a pure gold background to provide it an exclusive uniqueness and to separate it from the neighbouring gems. The metropolis of Rajasthan is awfully in style for its Kundan jewellery. Kundan necklace are all time favourite and are worn by celebrities like Anushka Sharma for her wedding.

multicolor necklaces

Navratna gemstone necklace:

In Navratna necklace, nine positive stones are placed in concert in a single enhancement to make sure the wellbeing of the adorner. This nine gems are ruby, pearl, diamond, emerald, coral, cat’s eye, sapphire, topaz and garnet; each one for a precise cause. For example, Ruby is integrated to defend against evil feelings, whereas the coral is for remedial diseases and for sharp remembrance; pearls are for sustaining peace, topaz for protracted life of the wearer and emeralds to avoid dishonesty.

beaded necklaces

Beaded necklace:

Beaded Jewellery has come from the segments of Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab however, at the present it is well recognized in all components of the world. Throughout early days, stone crowded beads necklace were threaded jointly and frequently used as neck piece. Also, hard stone crystals were utilized as beads to decorate necklaces and other accessories. An inimitable mixture of bead and stone jewellery necklace is at the present readily available. In the beaded necklace, the stones are ornamented in the middle part while the beads are corded in the edge to build the necklace amazing.

amethyst necklace

Amethyst necklace:

Amethyst necklaces come with a high superiority and have a deep purple colour, the colour of sovereigns and dignity. The necklace is designed with various types of pendant like heart, butterfly shape etc. It is all time favourite neckpiece of every lady and looks very modern. Round Amethyst necklaces modified with diamonds create for an inimitable birthstone pendant/gift for February birthdays. It is also believed that this stone brings prosperity in life.

emerald necklaces

Emerald necklace:

Emerald necklace come with splendid green shade, which summarize the beauty of spring. It comes in white gold and yellow gold pendants and looks majestic. Pear-cut Emerald necklaces personalized with diamonds formulate for a distinctive birthstone. It is important that one must have a respect for the gemstone and often should wear only after doing proper rituals for the gemstone.

 Gemstone necklaces are perfect thing to embrace your feminine charm and look. The lustrous appeal has the positive traits of healing too. Various colour precious stones could be easily matched with any of the wardrobe and outfits. They are simply amazing even if you wish to flaunt off your exquisite royalty.

Men Clothing

Traditional Fashion Is Enhanced By Sherwanis

Sherwani is considered as the most renowned men’s ethnic wear. Any man will look classy as well as elegant by wearing this attire. A sherwani looks very heavy and is made from rich fabrics. Men are seen to wear it at weddings, family gatherings as well as during the festive season.  They are available in different fabrics such as cotton, silk and polyester to name a few. Flaunt a traditional look at a family function by wearing a designer sherwani and teaming it up with a pair of perfect kolapuris. Moreover if you want to stand out from the crowd, shop the latest collection of sherwani and look dashing by matching it with a pair of sandals or semi-formal shoes. While heading to a celebration team a piece of this attire with a trendy dhoti and your favourite flats. Add a Nehru jacket to this traditional attire if you want to make a fashion statement at every party or for a modish ensemble.



Over the years this dress has become a staple Indian evening wear garment for men. It is worn for festivals, weddings, parties and other special events. However, the richest and most beautiful of all is the Indian wedding sherwani. Weddings are an extremely important celebration in Indian culture and everyone present is expected to be decked out in their finest. For men, this Indian wear is the obvious choice as it is formal and yet extremely beautiful and decorative.

The perfect sherwani styling ideas


  • Indo western Sherwani: Choosing wedding attire is not an easy job for the groom. Traditional wedding sherwanis qualify as the best option for the groom’s wedding. With the latest trends in fashion, modern day grooms prefer comfortable clothing with some touch of elegance. This makes Indo western designs as the next obvious choice. The increasing preferences for this Indo western dress have encouraged menswear designers to experiment extensively with the silhouette. New innovative cuts, different styles of designer collars, stylish sleeves and use of stunning buttons have created many innovative designs in Indo western sherwanis.


  • Rajasthani Sherwani: A groom’s personality as well as look is enhanced when he wears a Rajasthani sherwani. It is the latest trend as far as the wedding attire for a groom is considered. It reflects style, sophistication along with confidence in a unique way. They are available in different colours such as ivory, turquoise, beige and olive green to name a few and have excellent work embroidered on them. It is a mixture of ethnicity and modernity. Rajasthani sherwanis till knee length when paired with churidars and contrasting mojris will look extraordinary on any groom.

rajasthani sherwanis

  • Pathani Sherwani: Most of the grooms are seen to sport a traditional look by wearing Pathani sherwani. It is teamed up with heavy work stoles or crushed ones during a friend’s engagement or a groom’s own reception. Designer pathani sherwanis are very much in demand. They are found in a variety of styles, patterns, colours and designs which can be made by a designer as per the preference of the groom.

pathani sherwani

  • Achkan sherwani: If anyone is really conscious about their looks and wants to make the right style statement on their wedding day, then this is the perfect choice for them. Achkan sherwanis the ultimate fashionable attire that can add jazz to your looks. It is one of the most well known choices in this traditional attire that any groom will think of wearing on his wedding day in order to make it classic. You can add churidar, dhoti pants, and jacket to complete your looks.

On with new fashion trends getting launched every season, wedding market is buzzing with emerging demands from the brides and grooms. This in turn will help in escalating the wedding wear market. Mirraw , a leading online store, offers a wide collection of Sherwanis and accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can buy Indo Western Dresses for Men Online.

So if you want to wear traditional dress mostly sherwanis during festive seasons and other Indian rituals, then you should shop online.