Shades of Pink Lehengas that are worth to steal this Wedding Season!

There is no secret hidden that most of feminine beauty are die hard fan of pink color. This wedding season is engulfed with the beauty of pink color, here’s the list of top combination with pink color lehengas, some of them are as follows: –

  • Pastel Pink Lehengas: – This create an ooze of classic good old days. They are perfect to team on if you wish to have classic vintage look.


  • Baby Pink Lehengas: – Just like classic fairy tales, baby pink Lehengas are perfect for every princess turning out to be queen on wedding day. The exquisite work done up on Lehengas is perfect to lift your style statement.


  • Dark Pink and Golden work Lehengas: – This combination is perfect for every bold diva. This season the hot pinks have seem to be bridal favorites.


  • Red and Pink Lehengas: – Many of the brides who wish to ditch traditional red could easily adopt the beautiful combination of red and pink lehengas. The intrinsic motifs in these lehenga, choli and dupatta are surely here to give you that charismatic impact.


  • Pink Lehengas and Blue Choli: – The ecstasy of royal blue color choli totally steals the show and combining with the pink lehenga. This combination makes you look modern savvy bride.


  • Neon Pink Lehenga and Peach Choli: – This style is perfect to reflect your bold and fierce look.


  • Popped up Pink Lehengas: – If you wish to be simple yet elegant, then all you could do is choose design elements of pink color.


  • Peach Pink Colored Lehengas: – In the runway trends of 2018 the soft net is going to play an extra ordinary crucial role. The golden work on this lehengas is just like fairy on the princess tale.


  • Coral Pink and Silver: – To be in inexplicable, trying out something extra ordinary is not at all a bad idea. This combination surely reflects future fashion.


  • Grey and Pink Motifs Lehenga: – To dance the night away all you need is simple and light weight lehengas. These sort of lehengas will allow you to put your hair down and go with ease in fun.


  • White Choli and Pink Lehengas: – In India weddings are grand and so are the function. Even if you wish to make a donning fashion statement, then pink and white lehengas are perfect for every beautiful angel.


  • Pink Duppatta and Peach Lehenga: – Every girl dreams big things on wedding day. This combination is worth a try to get that magnetic attention from the groom. Pink Dupatta with enhanced embroidery look is totally vivacious.


If you wish to buy your best without pondering from pillar to post, the online stores are perfect suited option. The sets available out here will reduce your hassles of matching and buying the best. The seamless procedures out here will easily allow you to buy your favorite stuff.


Red Bridal Lehengas Perfect For Weddings

Red being one of the auspicious color for various sacred things, we cannot forget the contribution of the same during weddings too. On the color palette, Red is one of the most preferred things that could be worn by bridal. The passionate reds easily work like magnet to your eyes especially when you are bride of the season, here are some things to consider while selecting your red lehengas online, some of them are as follows:-

Opting for Embroidered blouse and duppatta:- When you wish to speak your fashion loud with your looks and impress your groom in one glance then opting for embroidered blouse and duppatta will be smart choice of the season. The classic collection of Red Lehenga online will give you a perfect reflection of runaway trend.


Off-shoulder choli and lehenga:- This combination is selling like an hot cake. If you wish to reflect your bold side on the bridal day then this thing is perfect pick for pre-wedding or d-day occasions. If you wish to save your time and efforts from lot of hustle and bustle then smart thing to do is shopping from online store. You can get best pieces at very feasible prices.


Overall motifs Lehengas:- Gone those days where we could only rely on zari or other fancy elements, if you wish to grab on something neat and trendy then going for overall motifs lehengas makes an worth it option. A lot of chanderi collection or self print collection is in trend.


Dramatic match:- Gone those days where matching was only the option left with the bride, these days runway trend is more about contrasting and experimenting things. Where bright red is considered everything can go well on this shade.


Only yours: – The bride could actually match up the color with the groom and wear it for pre-wedding functions or other occasions.


Delicate work and detailing:- When you wish to bond with the best, the delicate work and detailing in the lehenga is simply key thing to be looked upon. A classic color base and excellent embroidery nothing could work great when it comes to designer lehengas. Make the most of your dream outfit; select the lehengas as per your comfort level. When it comes to buying the best, the online stores will give you impeccable solutions to buy best of lehengas. If you are selecting the lehengas for pre-wedding function then you could opt for light weighed lehengas to have that perfect groove.


Recalling retro:- Some of the fashion trends can never go in vain, recalling the retro style designs are perfect to give you that classy element of epic touch and below edgy solution. The royal princess styles are still existing in designer lehengas. You could also have your pick from bollywood collection.

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Top 5 things that are to be looked, while buying Gemstones online.

Gemstones have be all time favourites for almost all of us. We usually wear them to fancy our look or for horoscope purpose. Let the reason be anything, it is always important that we get to choose the right and genuine gemstones.


In this world of super cool technology, we get to shop everything over the internet. And coming to buying gemstones online, they are to be checked of their quality, colour, cut design and many other factors. There are many online shopping portals offering to sell the most genuine gemstones, and we also see a lot of online complaints popping about the gemstones.

So in order to avoid all this trouble- for choosing the right gemstones, here we get you the five things that are to be considered while buying gemstones online.


Check for purity of colour:

 The most important factor that is to be considered while selecting a gemstone online is – ‘colour’. This may sound quite simple for many. Different aspect of colour like tone, hue, saturation are to be taken into consideration, while looking for the required colour of gemstone. It is to be made sure that the colour of the gemstone has got no mixing of other shades in it. The higher the saturation of the colour of the stone, the purer it is. So it is always advisable to go with the darker shades of the required colour than that of the lighter shades.

It is also important that the website that is offering these gemstones is at very serious obligation to have perfectly clicked pictures of the gemstones or a video upload to help their customers choose the right one.


Treatment that the gemstone underwent:

 As discussed, the darker shades of colours are to be chosen for purity. So, the sellers put these stones under several processes and treatments just to enhance the colour and its appearance. So it must be looked into the various treatments that the stones are put to. The different treatment are heating, fracture filling and many others. And if you are buying these for horoscope purpose, then it is advisable to get the untreated ones.


Colour comparison and price:


The colour and the saturation of the stones are to be compared with the stones that other dealers provide. The best can be chosen only when compared with the other options. It is also to be noted that the prices of these stones also wary.


Know the origin:

 We all will be interested in knowing the source of origin of the stone, this may get easy for the ones selecting the right stone.

Certification from the Gem lab:

 It is always crucial to check the certification while buying the gems. The certification shows the authenticity of the gems and their origin.The value of the certificate adds in value to the gems.

These five listed tips can avoid us from picking up the wrong kind of gemstones from the different online portals that are available.


Happy Shopping.

How to Choose a Petticoat and Slip for your Wedding Dress

Got your brand new wedding dress.!? Wonder of which type of petticoat and slip to be worn?! And doubt if you really need one?!

You gotta think of and decide for yourself, of what exactly you’ll need.! And this could be quite tough, but can’t afford to take a chance as its your dress for your ‘big day’. I know you must be excited about the wedding and confused even about the petticoat and slip which is to be worn with the outfit.No worries! We are here to help you out, in selecting the right kind of petticoat or a slip. So here we go.


Firstly, wear that dress or that gown on, at your place or the store itself, walk around for a few minutes and see if those extra frills are coming in between your legs, hindering your movement. And so there you are, you will definitely need a petticoat or a slip to be worn with that dress. Simple! Isn’t it.

How to choose:


Now you get confused, as they are many types of petticoats available both in the stores and online. But the question is how exactly can we find out that a particular petticoat goes in well with a dress.

The petticoat slip depends on the type of the outfit. For example: a ball gown which is generally wide is to be paired up with a long length crinoline slip. Though the gowns come with petticoats along, it is always advisable to wear another just to add more bushy look to it.

Crinoline Net Petticoat


The crinoline dress requires a full length crinoline stiff net petticoat.  The inner part of the petticoat near the legs can have ruffle or even hoop running at the hem or the bottom giving the dress a perfect shape.

Hoop slips

These hoop slips are made up 6 rows of bones in them. As the number of hoop increasing in the slip, it gives the dress a fuller and round shape as always desired.

Pros & cons-

The hoop slip petticoat  has been the all time favourite for almost all the bridals. This is because of the easy she gets in wearing, as the frills of the gown doesn’t fall in between her legs while moving about. This gives a fuller look to the dress, making the bride feel beautiful as a princess.

The bones or the boning of the hoop slip are heavy and gets tough for some to actually carry them along with the already heavy bridal dress. And also the bones in the hoop slip makes it very inconvenient for her to sit, as the bones in slip are present to give a flatter look and prevent the flipping of the dress. So it gets difficult for the bride to sit normally.


Shop online:

They are lot of variation of slip available in the market for your wedding dress. You need to carefully select the petticoat slip only after thorough measurement of the dress and your body shape. Shopping for petticoat slip for your wedding is generally not advisable because you actually don’t get to touch and feel the fabric or the net of the petticoat slip.

So that was it dear bridals out there. Just ensure you try on the dress in the store itself and see if it actually requires a petticoat slip. If yes, then go ahead keeping in mind the type of dress and always make sure you are comfortable in it. Its your wedding and you cant afford to take a chance.

Lovely Wedding lovlies..!!



Anarkali Suits a Must Have Outfit For Every Season

Every year, you see a tremendous change in the world of fashion. In fact, you will be able to see some new styles coming up for every season. People are looking for something more comfortable in every season and thanks to the designers who are coming up with really amazing styles for you.

Earlier, women used to look for very heavy embroidery on dresses or saree in rich fabric when it comes to selecting a dress for any festival, wedding or any reception. But now they choice has changed completely. They prefer just those dresses which are comfortable and cozy to wear for all occasions and season. One of such dresses that most of the women love these days is Anarkali Suit.


  • Anarkali suits are said to be the best ethnic wear that can be worn in any season of the year. That means, you can wear them for summer and winter because they are available in different fabric which make you feel comfortable when worn in any season.
  • If you know how to style them in the right way, this very traditional outfit can make you look like a perfect chic. So, this is a kind of Indo Western dress that can give you traditional and modern look at the same time.
  • If you are looking to get the chic like look, then do not go for cotton or rich fabrics like Silk. Rather you should stick to light weight fabrics like crepe or georgette and make sure that they have minimal work on them.


  • Another option to get that look is to try some work that looks natural like a dress with embroidery done with the same color as that of the dress. Anarkali Suits Online will be best option to find something like that.
  • You can also choose in shimmer material to get that extraordinary look in a simple Anarkali Suit. It all depends on how you select them and what kind of look are you looking for.
  • Did you try those layered Anarkali Suits Online? This is another style in Anarkali which is highly in demand these days. They are a pretty old style in the market but still they are never out of fashion since they are released in the market.


  • When you are looking for some simple and at the same time something for a grand event or occasion, then you can keep the dress simple and plain. But make sure that you focus on the neckline of the salwar suit. Yes, you have many heavy necklines like Maharani style which is really popular these days.
  • You can also go for sleeveless or spaghetti style sleeves if you are looking for an ultra modern look in this same old traditional outfit.

When you want to keep it simple, then just a normal necklace with a simple braclet can do. But when you are looking for grand look and the suit that you selected is simple, then make sure to add the right accessories. You can go for good bangles and finger rings. Try some heavy earrings but keep the neck jewellery simple if you are having a heavy neckline for the suit. If the neckline of the suit is also simple, then you can try some necklace which is grand.

The way you wear your dupatta along with the suit is also going to add some glamour to the one who is wearing the suit. Always remember that it all depends on the occasion that what you need to select.



Any season and any event, Anarkali suits are the best and first choice of most of ladies. Look out for some amaing options at the online stores as they offer best suits at the best price.

Most Recent Trends In Silk Sarees

For the working ladies, the year 2017 has particularly been the time of fresh design with silk sarees that are popular yet customary, making it to their rundown of formal work life clothing types. While sarees dependably look great at work environment, we are precious stone looking and making refreshes about the most recent work wear inclines in sarees so you can profit by our conjectures in the second 50% of 2017!


The main five weaves that are slanting in the meeting rooms and will keep on being found in whatever is left of 2017 are:

 Plain Silk Sarees:


Flowy botanical computerized prints and other current plans are an antiquated for the current year. Plain handloom silk sarees in strong hues with moderate style are a perfect decision at working environment. Appropriate from delicate silks to finished tussars, plain is the way to create an impression and mean business.


Kalamkari Silk Sarees:

kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari prints with all their intense outlines and hues have a specific tastefulness and smoothness to them that makes them a hot most loved among working ladies class. Ladies at callings from instructors to specialists, to IT-divisions and business people, all incline toward this style of work at working environment.


Ikat sarees:


Ikat sarees in cotton and silk with their cutting edge plans and hues are striking and delightful and overflow out certainty, simply the thing required for a working woman at her working environment. In light of their current stylish interest, these ikat sarees are unquestionably an awesome work wear alternative.


Silk Cotton Sarees:


Another scope of sarees that are a pattern since ages at work environment are the silk cotton sarees. Named as a ‘Solace Work Attire’, the part about these sarees is their assorted qualities and their reasonable value ranges. They are positively an absolute necessity have for ladies who lean toward ethnic work-wear.


Khadi silk and Linen silk sarees:


Khadi silk and Linen silk sarees have a quality around them. Actually shiny and to a great degree agreeable, these flexible sarees are amazingly well disposed on one’s skin and pockets and measure overwhelming on sagacity and accordingly hit against, on an ethnic work-wear beau’s rundown.

7 Unknown Benefits Of Wearing Silver Anklets !

Women! It’s a great opportunity to haul out each one of those lovely and cute bits of mold jewellery known as Anklets to the world! Did you ever envision something as essential as anklets could have benefits other than the musical sound they make and the excellence they give to your legs? Well at that point, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to increase the value of your trimming box. Prepare get ravishing!

  1. Why Silver Anklets ?


Since the lady wears a ton of gold jewellery in any Hindu religion, a great deal of electrical streams are delivered in the body. To counter these streams and to keep the positive vitality streaming in the body, the act of wearing Silver anklets is built up. Wearing of anklets made of unadulterated silver around the anklets stops the irritation of foot soles.

These silver anklets not just give an entrancing look to your feet, additionally make you feel vigorous and divine.

  1. Look Good And Get Rid Of Leg Pain


On the off chance that you are drained and tired of your leg torment—and perhaps shivering, deadness or shortcoming—that begin in the lower back and go through the butt cheek and down the substantial sciatic nerve in the back of the leg, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to be cautious. This is not a typical torment happening because of physical effort, yet you are experiencing SCIATICA.

Wearing these anklets enable you to get a help from the torment, shivering and shortcoming and you are prepared to stuff your surroundings with your positive vitality.

  1. Gives Protection Against Swelling Of Heels.


On the off chance that you generally have dissensions of swollen heels that frustrate your day by day routine and have turned into a regular thing for you, you have to make a move!

Yes, you hit the nail on the head! Wearing anklets can help you with that also. This lovely adornments controls blood flow and along these lines helps in curing swollen heels.

  1. Anklets-An Immunity Booster


These cute decorations will unquestionably give you a chance to embellish your feet at whatever point you wear them however who knew they accompany such rich medical advantages also!

With the sweet tinkling sound making ponders around you, wearing these silver anklets initiates lymph organs in the body and lifts in susceptibility.

  1. Anklets Being A Savior To You Lady !


Wearing anklets is gainful in being a cure of gynecological issue like menstrual maladies, barrenness, hormonal unevenness and anomalous states of obstetrics.

Praise your woman’s rights each time you enable these anklets to win you a brownie moment that you wear them

They additionally help in keeping sexual yearnings under check.

  1. Design Meets Science


A logical reason given for wearing anklets is that by wearing the anklets, one’s vitality is not squandered but rather re-vibrated back to one’s own body.

Looking excellent, remaining fiery! How’s that?

  1. 16(Soola) Shingaar Coming In Play


Anklets are a piece of the 16 shringaar for Indian ladies. Wearing anklets is an indication of the conjugal status in numerous Hindu societies and is thought to be an image of good fortunes for herself and her better half.


Convey fortunes to yourself and your family and look perfect!


In any case, for the most part, the motivation behind why young ladies jump at the chance to wear anklets is that they are basically delightful and hot with satisfying tinkling sound.

Whatever be your reason, in the event that you think anklets are your thing, all you require is to browse our site Mirraw for designer anklets.