Traditional Fashion Is Enhanced By Sherwanis

Sherwani is considered as the most renowned men’s ethnic wear. Any man will look classy as well as elegant by wearing this attire. A sherwani looks very heavy and is made from rich fabrics. Men are seen to wear it at weddings, family gatherings as well as during the festive season.  They are available in different fabrics such as cotton, silk and polyester to name a few. Flaunt a traditional look at a family function by wearing a designer sherwani and teaming it up with a pair of perfect kolapuris. Moreover if you want to stand out from the crowd, shop the latest collection of sherwani and look dashing by matching it with a pair of sandals or semi-formal shoes. While heading to a celebration team a piece of this attire with a trendy dhoti and your favourite flats. Add a Nehru jacket to this traditional attire if you want to make a fashion statement at every party or for a modish ensemble.



Over the years this dress has become a staple Indian evening wear garment for men. It is worn for festivals, weddings, parties and other special events. However, the richest and most beautiful of all is the Indian wedding sherwani. Weddings are an extremely important celebration in Indian culture and everyone present is expected to be decked out in their finest. For men, this Indian wear is the obvious choice as it is formal and yet extremely beautiful and decorative.

The perfect sherwani styling ideas


  • Indo western Sherwani: Choosing wedding attire is not an easy job for the groom. Traditional wedding sherwanis qualify as the best option for the groom’s wedding. With the latest trends in fashion, modern day grooms prefer comfortable clothing with some touch of elegance. This makes Indo western designs as the next obvious choice. The increasing preferences for this Indo western dress have encouraged menswear designers to experiment extensively with the silhouette. New innovative cuts, different styles of designer collars, stylish sleeves and use of stunning buttons have created many innovative designs in Indo western sherwanis.


  • Rajasthani Sherwani: A groom’s personality as well as look is enhanced when he wears a Rajasthani sherwani. It is the latest trend as far as the wedding attire for a groom is considered. It reflects style, sophistication along with confidence in a unique way. They are available in different colours such as ivory, turquoise, beige and olive green to name a few and have excellent work embroidered on them. It is a mixture of ethnicity and modernity. Rajasthani sherwanis till knee length when paired with churidars and contrasting mojris will look extraordinary on any groom.

rajasthani sherwanis

  • Pathani Sherwani: Most of the grooms are seen to sport a traditional look by wearing Pathani sherwani. It is teamed up with heavy work stoles or crushed ones during a friend’s engagement or a groom’s own reception. Designer pathani sherwanis are very much in demand. They are found in a variety of styles, patterns, colours and designs which can be made by a designer as per the preference of the groom.

pathani sherwani

  • Achkan sherwani: If anyone is really conscious about their looks and wants to make the right style statement on their wedding day, then this is the perfect choice for them. Achkan sherwanis the ultimate fashionable attire that can add jazz to your looks. It is one of the most well known choices in this traditional attire that any groom will think of wearing on his wedding day in order to make it classic. You can add churidar, dhoti pants, and jacket to complete your looks.

On with new fashion trends getting launched every season, wedding market is buzzing with emerging demands from the brides and grooms. This in turn will help in escalating the wedding wear market. Mirraw , a leading online store, offers a wide collection of Sherwanis and accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can buy Indo Western Dresses for Men Online.

So if you want to wear traditional dress mostly sherwanis during festive seasons and other Indian rituals, then you should shop online.



The Role of Gemstones In The Growth Of Your Career



The world is growing very fast and as it grows, the competition in business, academics, sports, and almost every field has also increased. To succeed, hard work and dedication are the most important factors, but when the competition is so tough, your luck also needs an extra boost.

People used to practice and believe in various rituals to improve the luck but since it is the 21st century, it is not the time for superstition anymore. People have started believing in things which have a scientific explanation, and thus to boost the luck, people have started using gemstones. People wear these auspicious stones in gemstone bracelets, earrings, etc.  As per astrology and metaphysics, the gemstones have the ability to give power, strength and enhance your luck, which will help you get a boost in your career and life both.


There are a number of gemstones available out there but if you are specifically looking for gemstones that are known to play a role in enhancing your career, go through this post where we have mentioned the benefits of specific stones.


  1. Red Coral Or Moonga

The red coral stone is obtained from the branches of corals, settled deep down in the sea. The astrological association of the stone is with the planet Mars (Mangal) and this planet is described in astrology as the planet of passion and warriors. This planet is known for giving courage, strength, and valor. If you make your Mars Strong by wearing a red coral stone, you can expect to have a strong luck in professions which involve physical activities. Some examples of such professions are farming, Military, Sports, etc.


  1. Ruby Or Manik

This attractive stone can be found in the shades of red and pink and comes from the mineral family of Corundum. The association of the ruby is with the sun. The role of the sun in human life is to control the soul. As per astrology, the sun makes you confident. A person wearing ruby stone will be able to attract people towards them. This stone is suitable for the people who are in professions like administration, politics, group leaders, etc.


  1. White Opal

This stone with a bristling shine is mostly found in Australia and is related to the planet Venus. As per the science of astrology, the person wearing this stone can feel a soothing effect. The opal stones enhance the beauty and charm factor of the wearer. It is also known to improve the inborn talent and bring out the hidden skills too. This stone is recommended for the people who are in the profession of performing arts like acting, music, painting, dance etc. To enhance the look of this stone you can wear it with gemstone bracelets.


These three stones can definitely enhance your career and make life convenient. Make sure you are wearing only those stones which are suitable for you astrologically. You should be careful about these stones being genuine, untreated and certified. While wearing the stone do not forget to do hard work as the success depends on luck and karma both.





Yellow Lehengas: The Symbol Of A Prosperous Wedding

For any Indian bride, it is a dream to look the most fabulous on the occasion of her wedding. Since, it is a part of Indian culture, that the bride wears a lehenga on her wedding day, every Indian girl has a dream to buy a designer lehenga which she can keep as a memory of her marriage. For ages, the red lehenga was most commonly used for all weddings but now times are changing. The yellow lehenga is the new trend. The color yellow symbolizes prosperity, which makes the yellow colored lehenga the favorite choice of any bride. A yellow Lehenga cannot just be worn by the bride, but even by the other girls attending the wedding.


The Various Combinations You can Try With The Yellow Lehenga


  1. A Yellow Lehenga with an off-white dupatta and a blouse of the same color will be a perfect choice. On the dupatta, you can have embroidery done with the matching yellow shade of your lehenga. Make sure you wear the right jewelry with this kind of an attire. Pearls can be your choice to look gorgeous with this getup. If you are the bride and want this kind of combination, you can experiment with different types embroidery patterns.


  1. A yellow Lehenga with stone work done on the borders, yellow blouse, and a red heavy dupatta will be perfect for the bride. This color combination is the best for the brides who believe in the auspiciousness of colors. The yellow color is a sign of harmony and can make your marriage have the same vibe. You can choose your favorite jewelry with this combination. Jewelry made gold will be the best combination with this particular combination.


  1. The color yellow has different shades and if you want to try something in yellow and also want to give a touch of royalty, you can try the mustard shade of yellow. With a mustard yellow lehenga, you can try a beige colored blouse and a red dupatta. This color combination defines royalty. We would suggest this kind of a combination, especially for a Gujarati and Rajasthani weddings. A jewelry made of the red coral gems will be a perfect match for the complete attire.


  1. For the girls who are attending the wedding can also try the shades of yellow. to create a chic and a girly getup you can do various experiments with a yellow lehenga. The color yellow goes really well with pink, blue, and green. You can try yellow lehengas with a blouse of these colors. Keep your jewelry minimalistic to get that bubbly girl look.


You can try yellow lehenga designed by famous designers. You will find a wide range of shades and designs in yellow lehengas. Before going out for shopping for a lehenga, you can do a research on the internet. There you can also search for the combinations which we have mentioned. Make your wedding and other occasions more prosperous with the touch of yellow.


Crop Top Lehenga Ideas That Look Best For Various Body Shapes.

Are you a bride to be?! Then you will know how important it is to choose the right kind of lehengas for the wedding and the other related dos. The market has many kinds of lehengas and selecting the right one is equal to getting the right man. With the trend fashion revolution in the field of fashion, the crop top lehengas are the hot favorites among the brides.

Trust me, flaunt them for yourself and enjoy the spotlight over you. The crop top lehengas are the latest revolution over the traditional lehengas. The best part about these crop type lehengas is that they have their own modern twist in them and suits well for any kind of body shape. And so, its time to opt for these so trendy crop top lehenga ideas and set out to be at the best. Check out here the various crop top lehenga ideas.

  1. Cold shoulders crop top lehenga

The current running trend is the cold shoulders and the crop tops. The lehengas are designed by incorporating cold shoulders into crop top. A sheer look can be brought in with the cold shoulder crop top paired up with subtle colored lehenga skirt. To make the look even more wonderful, choose –

  • Crop top with sweetheart back neck
  • Crop top with halter neck
  • Crop top with zipper back design.
  1. Belted lehenga skirt with crop top

The crop top lehenga with its modern twist comes with a sleek stylish belt that is embellished to the skirt. This gets the fusion look to the complete lehenga set. The brides can flaunt them during the bachelorette, reception etc. Just not for the wedding does, of course – this style best suits the party goers too.

  1. The statement crop top sleeves

The sleeves of your crop top always need not always be short or sleeveless. The sleeves can be done differently by making them longer, adding the ruffles to sleeves, bow tie sleeves, frilled sleeves and many other likely twists.

  1. The Off-shoulder crop top lehenga


The off shoulders style blends in well into any kind of outfit into which it is incorporated. And when the sleeves of the crop top have a little extra twist, looks nothing less than amazing. These off-shoulder tops can be made with into an glittery affair, just by adding glittery or metallic fabric to the making of the crop top. Beautiful combinations like metallic gold – black, white – yellow can make the entire outfit amazing.

  1. The cape lehenga style

The cape fashion is always so much in trend that when this model is added to the crop top gets in the traditional look to the whole outfit. This looks pretty, not only for the brides, but also the other dos. The cape with a satin or netted fabric doubles the prettiness of the lehengas.

These are some crop top lehenga ideas that will add more of stylishness to you at the wedding dos. Wear them with the right color choices with great embroidery with the use of gold, metal threads; beads; pearls etc. from the simplistic colors to the metallic shades, these get in the desired look.

Shades of Pink Lehengas that are worth to steal this Wedding Season!

There is no secret hidden that most of feminine beauty are die hard fan of pink color. This wedding season is engulfed with the beauty of pink color, here’s the list of top combination with pink color lehengas, some of them are as follows: –

  • Pastel Pink Lehengas: – This create an ooze of classic good old days. They are perfect to team on if you wish to have classic vintage look.


  • Baby Pink Lehengas: – Just like classic fairy tales, baby pink Lehengas are perfect for every princess turning out to be queen on wedding day. The exquisite work done up on Lehengas is perfect to lift your style statement.


  • Dark Pink and Golden work Lehengas: – This combination is perfect for every bold diva. This season the hot pinks have seem to be bridal favorites.


  • Red and Pink Lehengas: – Many of the brides who wish to ditch traditional red could easily adopt the beautiful combination of red and pink lehengas. The intrinsic motifs in these lehenga, choli and dupatta are surely here to give you that charismatic impact.


  • Pink Lehengas and Blue Choli: – The ecstasy of royal blue color choli totally steals the show and combining with the pink lehenga. This combination makes you look modern savvy bride.


  • Neon Pink Lehenga and Peach Choli: – This style is perfect to reflect your bold and fierce look.


  • Popped up Pink Lehengas: – If you wish to be simple yet elegant, then all you could do is choose design elements of pink color.


  • Peach Pink Colored Lehengas: – In the runway trends of 2018 the soft net is going to play an extra ordinary crucial role. The golden work on this lehengas is just like fairy on the princess tale.


  • Coral Pink and Silver: – To be in inexplicable, trying out something extra ordinary is not at all a bad idea. This combination surely reflects future fashion.


  • Grey and Pink Motifs Lehenga: – To dance the night away all you need is simple and light weight lehengas. These sort of lehengas will allow you to put your hair down and go with ease in fun.


  • White Choli and Pink Lehengas: – In India weddings are grand and so are the function. Even if you wish to make a donning fashion statement, then pink and white lehengas are perfect for every beautiful angel.


  • Pink Duppatta and Peach Lehenga: – Every girl dreams big things on wedding day. This combination is worth a try to get that magnetic attention from the groom. Pink Dupatta with enhanced embroidery look is totally vivacious.


If you wish to buy your best without pondering from pillar to post, the online stores are perfect suited option. The sets available out here will reduce your hassles of matching and buying the best. The seamless procedures out here will easily allow you to buy your favorite stuff.

Red Bridal Lehengas Perfect For Weddings

Red being one of the auspicious color for various sacred things, we cannot forget the contribution of the same during weddings too. On the color palette, Red is one of the most preferred things that could be worn by bridal. The passionate reds easily work like magnet to your eyes especially when you are bride of the season, here are some things to consider while selecting your red lehengas online, some of them are as follows:-

Opting for Embroidered blouse and duppatta:- When you wish to speak your fashion loud with your looks and impress your groom in one glance then opting for embroidered blouse and duppatta will be smart choice of the season. The classic collection of Red Lehenga online will give you a perfect reflection of runaway trend.


Off-shoulder choli and lehenga:- This combination is selling like an hot cake. If you wish to reflect your bold side on the bridal day then this thing is perfect pick for pre-wedding or d-day occasions. If you wish to save your time and efforts from lot of hustle and bustle then smart thing to do is shopping from online store. You can get best pieces at very feasible prices.


Overall motifs Lehengas:- Gone those days where we could only rely on zari or other fancy elements, if you wish to grab on something neat and trendy then going for overall motifs lehengas makes an worth it option. A lot of chanderi collection or self print collection is in trend.


Dramatic match:- Gone those days where matching was only the option left with the bride, these days runway trend is more about contrasting and experimenting things. Where bright red is considered everything can go well on this shade.


Only yours: – The bride could actually match up the color with the groom and wear it for pre-wedding functions or other occasions.


Delicate work and detailing:- When you wish to bond with the best, the delicate work and detailing in the lehenga is simply key thing to be looked upon. A classic color base and excellent embroidery nothing could work great when it comes to designer lehengas. Make the most of your dream outfit; select the lehengas as per your comfort level. When it comes to buying the best, the online stores will give you impeccable solutions to buy best of lehengas. If you are selecting the lehengas for pre-wedding function then you could opt for light weighed lehengas to have that perfect groove.


Recalling retro:- Some of the fashion trends can never go in vain, recalling the retro style designs are perfect to give you that classy element of epic touch and below edgy solution. The royal princess styles are still existing in designer lehengas. You could also have your pick from bollywood collection.

About When you wish to have above edge solution, this virtual store can be easily trusted upon. Enchanting options out here do pamper the shopping needs of all age group.









Top 5 things that are to be looked, while buying Gemstones online.

Gemstones have be all time favourites for almost all of us. We usually wear them to fancy our look or for horoscope purpose. Let the reason be anything, it is always important that we get to choose the right and genuine gemstones.


In this world of super cool technology, we get to shop everything over the internet. And coming to buying gemstones online, they are to be checked of their quality, colour, cut design and many other factors. There are many online shopping portals offering to sell the most genuine gemstones, and we also see a lot of online complaints popping about the gemstones.

So in order to avoid all this trouble- for choosing the right gemstones, here we get you the five things that are to be considered while buying gemstones online.


Check for purity of colour:

 The most important factor that is to be considered while selecting a gemstone online is – ‘colour’. This may sound quite simple for many. Different aspect of colour like tone, hue, saturation are to be taken into consideration, while looking for the required colour of gemstone. It is to be made sure that the colour of the gemstone has got no mixing of other shades in it. The higher the saturation of the colour of the stone, the purer it is. So it is always advisable to go with the darker shades of the required colour than that of the lighter shades.

It is also important that the website that is offering these gemstones is at very serious obligation to have perfectly clicked pictures of the gemstones or a video upload to help their customers choose the right one.


Treatment that the gemstone underwent:

 As discussed, the darker shades of colours are to be chosen for purity. So, the sellers put these stones under several processes and treatments just to enhance the colour and its appearance. So it must be looked into the various treatments that the stones are put to. The different treatment are heating, fracture filling and many others. And if you are buying these for horoscope purpose, then it is advisable to get the untreated ones.


Colour comparison and price:


The colour and the saturation of the stones are to be compared with the stones that other dealers provide. The best can be chosen only when compared with the other options. It is also to be noted that the prices of these stones also wary.


Know the origin:

 We all will be interested in knowing the source of origin of the stone, this may get easy for the ones selecting the right stone.

Certification from the Gem lab:

 It is always crucial to check the certification while buying the gems. The certification shows the authenticity of the gems and their origin.The value of the certificate adds in value to the gems.

These five listed tips can avoid us from picking up the wrong kind of gemstones from the different online portals that are available.


Happy Shopping.